Fine Opportunities for the Best Blinds Now

To hide from curious views, bright sun and cold wind, people began to close the windows of their homes with curtains, and later came up with a device that allows not to be completely enclosed from the outside world, but to regulate light and air currents. So there were blinds (from the French jalousie – jealousy) – a kind of curtains, consisting of horizontal or vertical slats (slats).

Simple installation, practicality, a wide choice of colors, a wide range of prices and compatibility with various stylistic solutions has ensured the blinds popularity. But that the blinds blend well into the interior of the room, it is worth remembering some of the nuances that will help make the right choice. Now the best options are there with the good wooden venetian blinds now.

Consider them in order.

Dimensions and geometry of the window

When choosing blinds, it is necessary to measure the height and width of the window, as well as determine the way they are fastened. The cornice, to which blinds will be subsequently attached, can be installed on the ceiling, above the window, in the window opening, in addition, there are blinds, which are mounted directly on the frame, snugly adjacent to it.

The Use of the jaundice Now

There are 2 types of jaundice: true and false. True jaundice is caused by the causes described above, and the false jaundice is shown for innocuous reasons, the symptoms of which are visually similar to it. For example, false jaundice can cause a prolonged and abundant use of yellow foods: carrots, pumpkins, beets, oranges, etc., when the true jaundice has more complex causes, for example, a violation of the liver.

Causes of jaundice

In our body there are erythrocytes – red blood cells. Erythrocytes are very necessary for us, since they spread oxygen and carbon dioxide in our bodies. The erythrocytes themselves live up to 120 days, and in view of their large number, they die almost every day – about 1% of the total number of red blood cells. In destroyed erythrocytes is a substance called bilirubin. There are options that are good at  jaundice home treatment also.

Bilirubin itself is a yellow pigment and there is poisonousness in it. Accordingly, if it is toxic, it is dangerous for our body. Therefore, this poisonousness must somehow be a suppressed organism. Knowledgeable readers of our site, right away, guessed that the suppression of the bilirubin’s toxicity is due to the liver – and will be absolutely right. The only organ that is a filter in our body is the liver; it neutralizes “bad” bilirubin, making it “good”, after which it is excreted from the body. Actually disturbance of the formation of bilirubin, its neutralization and excretion – can lead to the appearance of jaundice. As you understand, jaundice is a symptom of a disease that breaks the bilirubin system in the body. In fact, the cause of jaundice can be very much; therefore it is called a symptom complex. All the complexes of symptoms we will try to consider a little later, having told briefly about their treatment.

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